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Why do we have an online community?

SelfActualizeMe, Inc. prides itself on being about community and serving the community. However, some difficulties and barriers prevent us from helping and supporting the community. Therefore, we create an online platform that is a safe and intimate space to help us reach and communicate with intention setters directly and help them reach their highest potential.

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Living with intention group

This group was created to help individuals live with intention, set daily affirmations, bring their goals to reality, read inspiring and empowering books, and provide accessible resources. The group has live webinars, workshops, and retreats throughout the year. The mission is to inspire, empower, and foster a community of individuals who are living their best life and take the tools that they learn back to their community. We ask that each member share this information with their community, whether it is their family or their broader community.

Retreat with us in 2021


Come to our first annual Living With Intention Retreat. Save the Date for January 8-10th 2021