SelfActualizeMe is a non-profit organization that has one goal; we strive to help every child and family reach their highest potential.  We understand that the exposure to trauma can interfere with a child and family's ability to thrive. We also are fully aware of the of the problem’s pervasiveness and its effect on school performance. Studies funded by the Center for Disease Control (Felitti et al, 1998) and the United States Justice Department (Snyder, H. & Sickmund, M., 2006) indicate the significant percentages of  students and their families who live in a culture of isolating familial and societal violence including, but not limited to, domestic abuse, rape, homicide, gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse are likely to have poor health outcomes. Take for example the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study. Dr. Vincent Felitti (Kaiser Permanente, California) and Dr. Robert Anda (CDC) began by asking over 17,000 adults, who were members of a Health Maintenance Organization, about their childhood experiences. The researchers made an especially significant finding: the greater the number of ACEs, the greater the risk for an array of poor physical, mental and behavioral health outcomes for patients across their life spans. In scientific terms, there was a direct “dose-response” relationship between adverse childhood experiences and serious health and mental health issues. This impeded on the their academic performances and interfered with the family's ability to thrive.  

Our Compassionate community center uses compassion to help our youth and families become resilient. We directly asses for ACE's in our center and work actively to change the trajectory of our families lives.  We are fully aware of the challenges faced by our families and we are ready to respond by helping remove many of the barriers  they face through our support services. Our community center is to have strong school partnerships to give schools the resources and assistance they need to help our children thrive in their academic settings.

The community center will offer families the opportunity for family-actualization through our strong intern program and support services.  The center will provide support services for families within the community.  Services will include family wraparound case management, community support services, and after school support services.


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