What Is Your Planning Style?

Tell PBA about your planning style and how you utilize it.

Objectives Oriented Planners – If this is your planning style, you gravitate toward goals, objectives, milestones, 1-3-5-10 year plans, etc.  You know the process and order of the steps that you need to take to move closer to the final destination.

Domain and Direction Planners – You create and use a strategic map (either written down or mental) to move ahead.  You know that where you are at is not where you want to be, you know what the destination is, and you’ll figure out the “big” steps as you go along.

Task Oriented Planners – Your primary methodology is to make lists of everything that you need to do.  You are less concerned about the final destination, and more concerned about what has to happen in order to actualize the steps needed to get there.

Present Oriented Planners – Your primary focus is on what is happening right now.  Someone else’s plans are nice, but somebody has to do something today, if things are going to happen.  And that person is you.

Raven Barrow