Coffee + coworking

Coworking space .jpg

Coffee + Coworking will offer their consumers an opportunity to get a quality cup of  tea and coffee in their own neighborhood.  It will also provide a space where students, professionals, local start-ups can have a quiet and safe place to meet, work, and collaborate.  A portion of the proceeds will go directly into the non-profit organization in the local community that will provide wraparound services within the community.  Independent professional services firms and startups need the flexible terms and variety of workspaces that our coworking space will provide. These groups also often have limited financial resources and different needs when compared to larger more established companies. Startup companies can greatly benefit from co-working spaces as they establish themselves and work to grow.  Many simply do not have the cash necessary or business certainty to sign a long-term lease, especially in expensive real estate markets like Los Angeles. Co-working spaces provide all of the benefits of a traditional office with greater flexibility. This is especially important for a startup company to consider when you take into account that 90 percent of startup companies fail and it is hard to predict how much more space will be needed as they grow. By choosing Coffee + Coworking  for a  startup, you also gain access to other ambitious, creative professionals. You may even find new employees, mentors, and strategic partners just by sharing office space with them. Even if you don’t find a genius coder sharing your coworking space, your employees may benefit from sharing ideas with the other patrons of the space.