Why A Coworking Space?

Growing up in a urban community, we  have discovered that it is often difficult to find a modern coffee shop where you can get a good cup of quality coffee and a creative space to work. In fact, the nearest quality coffee shop and coworking  space is more than 4 miles away.  

There is a huge need for a workspace for students, professionals, non-profit organizations, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work, collaborate and have a cup of tea or quality coffee.  Coffee+Coworking is a  space that brings people together, over a warm cup of quality coffee. The space also gives their customers a sense of ownership because their money spent at our space is recycled and invested  back into their community.  A portion of the proceeds earned goes directly into investing in the local non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs that are working  directly in their community.

Busy students and professionals not only want the convenience of a local coffee shop but also a local quiet and safe place in which they can work.  There are also no coffee shops and coworking spaces in the area that offers  a high quality coffee or experience and a place where one has the convenience of an office space.  Our space  is  selling more than a cup of coffee, we are offering a reason to meet a friend for great conversation, or a group of friends creating vision boards,  a reward to the start and at the end of the day and also a place where one can commune, collaborate, and build.

Raven Barrow